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Monday, October 6, 2008

My latest creation!

Well, my little burst of painting energy was short lived as I had to get some things finished up around the house this last week. Adam's cabin bed went out since he has grown like a bad weed over the last year and we got him a "real" bed. He is so excited as we are trying to move him out of the living room and back into his room. You just can't imagine how much stuff one little boy has! We finally got the pool closed, which is way over due(and a huge chore that no one likes) and we had another family picture taken this weekend as a gift for my husbands parents! The whole clothes and shopping issue is enough to wear anyone out!hee hee

I was able to list one item on ebay. I ran across these battery opperated candles that I couldn't resist. I have some in different sizes and can't wait to do some more! This one I have on ebay right now and I have the matching one to it almost finished! I am hoping to get it finished tonight, I will be doing some painting anyway......I have an order that I have to get finished! I am such the procrastinator. How do I make myself quit doing that????
At least this is our last week of softball so I won't be running around almost every night! I love softball season but it does get a little hectic! I am wishful thinking that I will be able to paint more!