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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

And now it is back to work!

Last night I got back to work!  Had a special order for a special lady I know!  The first time I have ever painted one of these but I think it turned out cute.  I don't really do flowers much either so I was really procrastinating on doing this.

I am almost caught up!!!

We celebrated the 4th of July with my Dad who was home from working in Iraq for some much needed R&R!  We had a great weekend, cooking all his favorites, floating down the river and drinking lots of peach margaritas!  Lots of family and friends came down for the weekend.  Then we did it all again the next weekend!  Unfortunetely as I am writing this he is on his way back.  We are praying for safe travel and the next 4 months to go by really fast!

I will leave you with some pictures I took on the river.  There are so many beautiful things all around us that sometimes we don't even notice.    For me, it is time to appreciate the little things.


This was the view outside of my dorm room.....yes MY dorm room!hee hee  Erica and I went to new student orientation in June at her college.  It was really fun!  She had another student for a roomate and I had my own room.  We had very informative meetings and great food.  It really put my mind at ease as far as letting her go.

We rode the metrolink to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner, Erica fed the fish and went in the hurricane tunnel with her roomate, then we went to a Cardinals game.  It was alot of fun!

I am starting to ease up a little about this whole college thing.  I have such mixed emotions about it, she is my baby you know...the first one to go off to college.  She drives me crazy when she is here and I can't stand it when she is not!  We are starting to have a little fun buying some stuff for her dorm room though!

Memorial Weekend

We spent Memorial weekend at the river.  It was a great time except for the fact that my Dad wasn't there.  He did get to call though and everyone got to talk to him.  Adam caught a great fish, then the unthinkable......

The boys were harrassing me to go fishing with them.  So I packed up some magazines, my camera, cushions, sun screen and some cold beverages to go.  I figured it would be a great way to relax and catch some sun rays.  I was all layed out on the boat enjoying the day then I thought....."hmmmm I should fish".  I sat up and asked where my fishing pole was?  They left it in the truck!!!!  After wanting me to go fishing so bad they left my pole in the truck!!!  Unbelievable!  Well, Mike let me use one of his, which was no small feat for me because they use open faced reels and I tangle them up every time!hee hee  I managed to handle this one ok though and landed my very first fish!  A 5 1/2 pound bass!  I was so excited, it was huge.  Needless to say the boys weren't too happy that I caught the biggest fish of the weekend!  It went to the taxidermist already and it will hang proudly in the shed as a reminder to them that momma doesn't mess around!hee hee

Continuing the catch up!

On to graduation!  Erica graduated high school this year.  She graduated in the top 10% of her class with lots of honors.  We are very proud of her.  She will be attending The St. Louis College of Pharmacy in the fall