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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fall is flying by!

Well, I sure hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I sure did, but as expected....I ate too much! I am busy today trying to finish my Christmas decorating, cleaning and getting some orders finished. It seems I can never get ahead!

I am offering this neat old box for sale on here today. It is one of my favorites! I just love this design by Terrye French! The crow is giving the snowman a gift....the snowflake! I sprinkled it with German Glitter Glass and it is so cute! It is a nice larger size too about
10 x 7 1/4 x4 1/2. This is the last box like this....I have one more box that I am doing with a design that I like to do at least once each year then I am totally out of boxes! I need to go shopping! hee hee Unfortunetly, I have no time to fit that in right now! So that means I have no idea what will turn up on here next.....hopefully it will be something that you just love!

Have a wonderful day! Chris

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I got some Goodies finished!!!

I just finished some awesome Christmas goodies that are going to be available to buy here on my blog. My favorite is the little red teapot! When I saw that in the antique store, it was just wanting to come home with me! I wanted to keep it for myself! The snowman is a design by Deb Richey, and is just so cute! I am not much of a flower arranger, but this pot has greenere, iced branches and some sugared candy in it. I didn't glue them in so you could put a tree or anything you want in there!

The little wooden paddles are made from a design by Terrye French. Originally intended for tags, I think these would make awesome tags on a special gift! You could also use them for ornaments or just a decoration!

Merry Winter! I just love how this book turned out. I have had it here on my work table for quite a while but never got to it until now. I was leary about it at first, it is a new design but I am so pleased with how it turned out! It even looks better in person because it is sprinkled with German glitter glass for a sweet frosty look! Everyone needs one of these on their coffee table but this one is one of a kind!

I was on a spurt of energy and have lots more neat things I am working on but got a little sidetracked with Erica this week. She is having some problems with her legs and feet so she has missed a couple days of school and has had to get some tests done. Hopefully everything will be ok, we just have to wait now for results!

Keep checking back though there is more to come!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

My goodies didn't get far!

Sorry ladies but this little cutie was half finished when it was sold! I am trying to get one more tree finished but you know how it goes! I sent off a whole load of really great stuff to the antique store and totally forgot to take any pictures! I can't believe I did that considering I normally take pictures of EVERYTHING!

Last weekend I went up to my sister's house for a jewelry night. It was alot of fun. I made this bracelet and ONE bead!hee hee That bead took me longer to make than the whole bracelet! I don't know why I ever thought that a bracelet with beaded beads would be something I want to do! I love the way it looks, but that bracelet may not get finished until next Christmas!

The men all went off to deer camp this weekend so I got to spend time with Adam. We had fun but I didn't get much done. I told Mike that he will have to tie me to my painting chair next week so I can work! I did manage to find a few treasures though that I can't wait to paint! Sooooo I will be back in a few days! Chris