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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A fall candle box!

Today I am listing this neat old welding box on ebay. I painted it with a fall scene, grubbied up a candle and put that inside with some scented cinnamon sticks and rose hips. I also tucked in some black sticks to add some character! It really is a very nice arrangement but quite a challenge to get a good picture! When the box looks good the sticks don't show and when the sticks show the box doesn't look good! Isn't that how it usually works!hee hee


Erica played in a softball tournament over the weekend. I love the look of determination on her face as she runs for the bunt! They didn't win, but they put out good effort!

Monday, September 14, 2009

We have a winner!!!

BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Judy of The Princess Ponders! You have won the scarecrow scoop! I thought it was quite funny that you put in your comment that if you sent people over it would lessen your chances of winning! It didn't hurt you a bit!

Please email me your mailing address and I will ship your scoop out right away!

Thanks to everyone again for entering. I wish I could let everyone win. Do keep watching though because I am going to do another give away for a Christmas item! This was fun!

Almost time for the give away!

First, I almost freaked out this morning as I started compiling my entry list for the give followers list was GONE! After searching around a bit I noticed so was everyone else's! After a bit it came back so I am good to go!

If you haven't entered for the give away you still have a little time. I will be doing the drawing at 1:00 central time!

I do want to give a big "THANK YOU" to all of you that have entered, posted the information on your blog, and have become a follower of my blog. I appreciate it so much! I have been looking at everyone's blogs and trying to leave a personal thank you. I hope I got everyone. I will be going back to look again....there are some great blogs out there!!!

I did get one project finished this weekend. Yeaaaa! I got a little side tracked making a new blog for my bottlecap necklaces. I want to put them on there and keep this site for my painting and my family! I hope you will check it out. Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated! There is a link on the left of my blog that says Bottlecap Store!

Here is my project, it is a neat old rusty dust pan! I used a great halloween design from Terry French. You can find this on ebay later this afternoon! I think it would be so awesome attached to an old broom propped in a corner for foyer or even hung on your door! My pictures are a little dark, I am going to have to try to take some better ones!
Have a great day and I will be back soon with a winner!!! Chris

Friday, September 11, 2009

Go Mizzou!!!

The Mizzou Tiger's football season is starting and I received many requests for bottlecap necklaces to kick it off! I played with lots of different designs...most have already been sent out but here are a few samples of them!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Don't forget about the give away!!!

I also wanted to post a reminder for everyone to remember to enter for a chance to win this cute fall scoop! I will be drawing for the winner at 1:00 pm Monday the 14th. Check out the original post for all the details on how to enter. I am so happy to see all the comments and all the new followers I have. I want to thank each and every one of you! I will look at all your blogs and I read every comment. I am sure you all know how easy it is to get sidetracked in blog land...there are some wonderful ones out there....that is what is taking me so long!

We love you Grandma!

The plan for the labor day weekend was to spend lots of time relaxing at the river for our last holiday of the summer. Well, Grandma had other plans for us! She was rushed to the hospital early in the morning on Saturday. They think she had some kind of stroke and she passed away early Sunday morning. I am grateful that it was not on Adam's birthday and that she did not suffer or have to spend a long time in the hospital. She was buried in Festus Missouri on
09-09-09. We will miss her so much!
Now I have to get back to work. I have a couple things half finished so I will get busy on them tomorrow. Erica has a ball game never ends!hee hee

Adam's Birthday!

September 4th was Adam's 11th birthday! He had a friend over, and a surprise visit from my sister who lives in St. Louis. Since there was no school on his birthday we headed to Columbia to his favorite resturant.......HuHot! It is a Mongolian grill where you pick out what you want in a bowl with the sauce and take it to a huge grill and they cook it right in front of you! Of course Adam loves the way the guys get fancy with the spatulas and throw them in the air. For the birthday boy they brought us a little fire pit with all the goodies for smores....Can you tell by the smile on his face that he loved that?hee hee That evening we had the families over for cake and ice cream!

August 26th St. Louis Cardinals game!

We are all BIG St. Louis Cardinals fans, it is very rare for us to miss a game. We watch the games on tv or at least listen on the radio. St. Louis is a couple hours away from us and we usually like to try to get to a game or two in the summer. This summer I was able to score us great seats for 4.00 each in a special promotion so we grabbed the kids out of school a bit early and headed to St. louis!

Erica, Adam & Mike before the game!
The Clydesdales circled the field before the game!
Albert batting! Of course everyone LOVES Albert!

And the victory walk, we won! Yeaaaa!