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Thursday, February 17, 2011

I survived the holidays!

Well, as always I am playing catch up here after the holidays!  I made it through with most of my sanity in tact.  And even managed to only gain a couple pounds which came off easy right after.  Christmas is my favorite time of year but I do stress over being busy and getting everything all went smooth this year.  I even got some painting done and was very happy to hear from many of you when I put some things up for sale.  Thank you so much for following me even when I am a slacker!

The new year has started off great...I am exploring with some more if I don't have enough.  You all know I love making jewelry, well, I have been doing alot of that lately.  I have so much jewelry that I can't possibly wear it all!  Expecially since I am a wahm, I don't even go anywhere some weeks!  So I decided to open up an etsy shop to sell some of my jewelry.  I have been working to get it all set up and have ONE thing in there so far!Yay Me!hee hee  I had to play with my camera alot because photographing jewelry is very challenging for me and I haven't really learned how to use my camera yet even though it is over a year of these days!

Don't give up on me painting yet.  I did redo my whole work area in my little living room and added new cabinets and countertops and it is heavenly...I should have done it long ago.  I now have a place for my scrapbooking, jewelry making and painting.  I have some things rolling around in my mind that I want to get started painting on soon.  I just need to get all my online things updated first and get back into the swing of making and selling again!  And before baseball season starts!!!

Well, I am going to get busy, so please check back in with me for more updates and new creations for sale.  I promise I have not given up on my painting!  Also check out my etsy site....maybe you can find something there you can't live without and I am listing a couple painted things there to see how that goes.

Thank you all again for the kind emails and hanging in with me.  I will leave you with our Christmas picture from this year on Christmas eve.  This was taken on my Mom and Dad's back porch with the river in the was snowing and so beautiful that day!