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Thursday, June 19, 2008

What am I up to???

Well, I thought I would post tonight since it has been a while! I am still not getting much creating accomplished. Of course all the busy summer things are taking up all my time. I did manage to do some lap desks and I almost have the vintage ironing board finished that I have had to do for a very long time now! I can't wait to show you that because it is really going to be awesome. The lady I am doing it for has a perfect family tree for my design! I am working on some ornaments for an exchange in one of my groups.....that is fun. Other than that it has been ball games and family get togethers......who can complain?hee hee!

I haven't even been able to get any projects finished around the house! But, I did find a little time to make a neat flower arrangement for my yard! I used and old wagon that my dad(biological....not to be confused with my awesome other dad!) had given Erica when she was little. It was broken and I saved it all this time hoping to do something with it. It was sort of a father's day tribute since he passed away in 1996! Erica loved it and of course the first thing she said was, "that is MINE!". I guess I will give it to her when she gets her own house!hee hee

Hopefully something exciting will happen soon so I can post some neat pictures or maybe I will get a creative spurt! I should be finishing the ironing board soon at least, so I can add something fresh here! Happy summer everyone!

1 comment:

Wings and Paws Primitives said...

I completely understand... it seems our creativity comes in spurts... I wish I could harness it when it comes to make it stay awhile...

I am sure your dry spell will end.. cheers to that!!! Love the wagon... I say tell your daughter finders keepers.... LOL
Hugs, MO