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Thursday, October 29, 2009

What am I working on???

I have been trying to get some things done up for a local antique shop that I am going to start selling my stuff in on November 1st. I am excited, I haven't really sold anything local for a few years now! I got a couple of these neat old boxes finished and one will probably go on here for sale and the other in the shop. The old lamp is actually only half finished. I am working on a neat battery operated candle to put in the center. I am priming it up right now. .

I have been making jewelry like crazy to go to the antique shop. It is a fun break from painting and I LOVE it! I love using little antique treasures in my jewelry! I have also been trying my hand at metal stamping and I love that too! Once I get the store all stocked up I will go back to listing a few things on here and on ebay. It just seems that there is never enough time to get everything I want to done!

This was an eventful week for me...I had to take Adam to the doctor and then the ER on Monday. Turns out he has an infection that was causing pain and swelling. He missed three days of school and has tons of homework but is feeling alot better now.

I have also been busy making halloween treats and getting things ready for Adam's school party. The little ones are all excited for Halloween. My kids don't trick or treat any more and don't want costumes either. I really miss that, I enjoyed maknig their costumes every year!

I even got to meet a friend of mine this week that I have known for a long time, but only through ebay groups, Susie of Yankee Lane Primitives. She was working in Columbia so my sister and I went up to have dinner with her. We went to Huhot, a Mongolina grill, and one of our favorite places to go. It was great, it seemed like we had known each other forever! The food was great, dinner came with a free salad and margaritas were only two bucks! You can't beat that!

I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Eeerie Halloween Moon!

Adam and I were on our way home and just had to stop for this moon shot! It was so cool with a mist of a cloud all around it and a bright full moon. There were no clouds out anywhere else in the sky except for by the moon.....the stars were shining was so beautiful! I think this picture would make a great halloween card...I may have to crop in some little trick or treaters!

Senior night!

Last night was senior night at Erica's ball game. It was also a night for cancer awareness at our school. At all the games, basketball, volleyball, and softball the players wore special shirts for cancer awareness. Erica's team has been affected by this through someone they care about very much. It was a very emotional night. This was their last home game so the seniors gave roses to their parents and there was a little ceremony. It was really nice. No one even cared that we lost the ball game by a ton of runs!hee hee
I know they are all looking at this score board wishing it were true!hee hee

Silly girls, they can never pose for a normal picture!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy Fall!!!

And boy is it starting to feel like fall here! The leaves are falling and the nights are cold! We had to shut the windows but haven't had to turn on the heat yet! I have a feeling that will be coming soon though.

Today I listed some new fall items on ebay. You can check them out by clicking on the link to the left. The first one is a neat rusty hoe end.....I just love these, so unique and primitive! The second one is a neat old black graniteware pot with a fall scene. Both are perfect for your fall decorating!

These will probably be the last of my fall items...I am anxious to start on some snowmen and some Christmas things. I always run out of time for those and only get to do a few things so I am trying to start earlier this year! I hope you will keep watching! Chris

Friday, October 2, 2009

Fall and fun things to do!

The leaves are falling everywhere here and it is starting to look like fall! The tempature has sure cooled off too. It is making me want to make a pumpkin pie or something. In my house fall and winter sure brings lots of homeade soups, crock pot meals and casseroles! Yummy!

I haven't been painting as much as I would like these last couple weeks but I have been busy. I was working on bottlecap necklace orders and some other things I really need to get finished for local people. I still have alot of those things left to do. At least next week will be the last week for softball. It makes me happy and sad all at the same time. I am happy that I will have nothing to do in the evenings but paint and craft.........but I am also sad that Erica will never be playing softball again. She is a senior, and this is her last year. They just grow up so fast.

I have fallen in love with the junk jewelry that everyone is wearing now. I have been trying my hand making jewelry anyway and I LOVE to collect junk of all kinds so it is only natural that I had to give it a go. I made several necklaces for me to wear with all kinds of neat treasures on is one of my favorites! I am really looking forward to making more of these and possibly offering some for sale. They will make great gifts too! My brother in law just called me and he found a small metal stamping set for a great price so I am excited to try some metal stamping too!

I do have one more fall thing that I am almost finished with.....I can't seem to get motivated to get it done. I am ready to switch over to some snowmen and Christmas things already! So until I get that finished.......HAPPY FALL! Chris