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Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I was lucky enough this summer to get to go on a vacation to Colorado!  My sister Angie went with me and we met up with two of my friends that I have known online for many years but we had never met in person.

We went up into the mountains....the view was absolutely beautiful!

Joleen, Angie, Me and Tanya!  Tanya's parents were nice enough to take us all around and give us the grand tour!
Tanya, Me and Joleen!

Everything there was just so beautiful.

 We even visited a haunted cemetery.....twice!  Once at midnight and once in the daylight to see where we were!

 It was a great trip and I was so glad to be able to meet up with my friends.  I am really hoping we can do it again soon and even add some more friends!

And of course Angie and I hit as many antique shops as we could from Missouri to Colorado!  We found some really great ones too like this one in Kansas.  I got some real bargains here!

We also came across some interesting things!  We had alot of fun with this toaster tree!hee hee  After we found this we couldn't help but notice every toaster we saw everywhere!  I will say there are alot more toasters for sale in Kansas than I have ever seen in Missouri!

 I found some great things to paint on!  It was awesome to search some new places for things.  So be watching for some of these things to end up on here for the holidays!

Here are some of the things I collect.

And my jewels!  I can't resist vintage just makes my imagination go wild.  I think of who wore it and where they wore it to and who gave it to them.  Then I wonder how I ended up with it....feeling lucky of course! 

Well, that is the end of I better get to work!!!

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