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Monday, September 24, 2012

my junkie treasures!

Well, here are my junk treasures!  Lots of work cleaning them up for me but I can't wait to get started painting some of them!!!  Some I will use for display....the yucky red bowls that I will wash the red off of and the little suitcase and that old drawer may have to go somewhere in my house!!!  I use the old jars with lids to store my jewelry supplies in.   I got lots of old books for my jewelry and a new project I am wanting to do too!  Fun Fun!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Junk day with the girls!

Saturday I went to my favorite junkin place with my sister, mom, aunt, daughter and my poor little nephew!  We had a great day and I found lots of treasures to paint on!  I can't even wait to get started!  But I am still worn out, haven't even unloaded the car yet so I will post some pictures tomorrow.

We also hit an awesome antique store.  This place is just amazing.  I want to go in and never come out.  I can really appreciate the time and effort put into this place to make it look like an old town.  The antiques were awesome and the workers were very friendly....and believe me that does matter because the other place we went the workers were very rude and unfriendly and they won't be getting any more of my money! Anyway this place is in Doolittle Missouri....if you are in the area check it out, you will be glad you did!!!

I took some pictures of the outside....I didn't take my phone in so I couldn't take any of the inside but it is even more awesome than the outside!

This is the front......part of it.....

Some more of the front...but I didn't get it all.....

This is the!

more of the back.....

and even more of the back!  This place is 30,000 square feet too!  Quite awesome!
I couldn't find a website but here is a link to their fb page!

Be sure to check it out!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Old thermos with Santa!

Neat old thermos handpainted with Santa...rusty bell and star arrangement.  $24.95 plus shipping.

Enamel Santa cup with snowy tree!


This is a neat old enamelware cup that I added a prim Santa face to and a snowy tree!  It is 14.95 plus shipping.

Wow! Where have I been???

Boy time does seem to get away from me fast these days!  I am still around, just with a busy life taking all my time!  I have been busy painting and making jewelry.  I already have two shows under my belt for the season that were a great success!  I have one more show coming up on November 10th and that is it for that.  I have been posting a lot on my facebook page because I can do that from my iphone.....multitasker that I am!!!   I am having a jewelry give away there too for an awesome old key that I soldered and stamped "heart" on....the key to my heart.  I am in love with it!  I need to make one for me!

The drawing will be held on Monday September 24th so go to my page and share the give away post to enter!  Be sure to like my page too!

I also have been painting and will be putting some great things on here for sale as well.  So be sure to check back!  The holidays are coming up on us fast!  Hugs to you all!  Chris