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Thursday, May 15, 2008

All the fun is over!

Well, the party was a success and it is back to life as usual! I have a couple days of cleaning up my work area and getting things back in order then I can start painting again! I have to live with the fact that my teenager is now running around on the roads now...she passed her driver test! I think if I could get myself to paint when I am worried I could get a lot of work done!hee hee!

Here are a some pictures from her party!

She was not happy that I made her wear the "16" crown and lei and wand at all! I hope she doesn't see that I posted this picture here or I will be in trouble! Hee hee!
I tried my hand at some altered art! It was really fun! I loved decorating the paint can and I filled it up with gift cards and stuff for her truck. I think it turned out really cute. I think I will be doing more of those!

It was a rainy day....which is usually a party disaster......but in this case it was a blessing because grandpa got to come home for the party! He is working out of town and doesn't get to come home very often. He surprised her with some roses. She was very happy to see him!

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