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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Too busy to create!

Last week I was busy with my daughter's first prom! It was exciting and devastating all at the same time. I am sure all you moms with teenagers know how I was feeling! She went with a group of friends and they all had a great time.
This week I am using my creativity preparing for the big sweet 16 birthday party coming up. I am very excited, I want it to be a very special day for her. It is just so hard to believe that my baby is growing up so fast. She got a job as a lifeguard this summer, a truck and is starting to campaign for class president. That is alot for me to take in but I am sure I will survive. I am very proud of her.
Once all of this excitement is over I will get back to work. I am really looking forward to creating some neat summer things and some patriotic items. I already have some ideas rolling around in my head! If there were only more days in the weeks or hours in the days!

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