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Monday, June 21, 2010

Along with all the work on the shed.......

We had to dig up our whole back yard in order to get the electric and water to the shed and the sewer from the shed to the lagoon.  Talk about a mess!  I was beginning to think it would never get done at that point because it was so overwhelming.  You can't even imagine how many rocks we had to pick up.  It is a good thing I have lots of little helpers here!   I ended up having to redo all my beds around the house.  A friend hauled me the rock for this one.  He also gave me the boulder.  What a story too....after shoveling the rock for hours to get it all spread out in there, while my husband was riding on the lawn mower,  we headed over to get the boulder.  I wanted to keep this bed very simple because my other flower bed is huge and takes a lot of work.  Well the plan was to load it on the truck near the end then when we got home with it we could just roll it off.  Great plan but it didn't quite work that way!hee hee  We got home and backed up there and we couldn't budge the rock!  I didn't think we were going to get it off the truck.  We also had a load of mulch on there so it was kind of hard to get to it.  We finally got it rolled one time and it was on the tailgate, so were Mike and I........BAM the tailgate strap busted and threw us off and the rock too!  It landed right where it is!  I think it is a perfect spot!hee hee

Since this picture the grass has grown in really nice and the pompous grass turned green!  It will eventually hide the air conditioner.  I got the rhododendron shrub from a couple of the kids I watch for Easter....they are so sweet!

While the digger was here digging up everything I had him dig a hole for my pond!  I had this pond in the shed for several years and have been wanting it for a long time.  I dreamed up how it would look for years.  It finally got finished.  I absolutely love it.  It is right by the lower patio and when we sit out there in the evening it is so soothing and beautiful.  I am so happy I got it finished but it was a lot of work!  I drove around our gravel road and dug up all the rocks that are all around it.  All the hard work just makes you appreciate it even more!

I have some flower beds in the front that I worked on too but I didn't take pictures!  I can never get anything to grow up there.  I put some spirea bushes in there and they are still living!  I still want some more shrubs up there but I ran out of time before graduation so I will let that go until next spring and finish them up.  No one ever goes in our front yard anyway!  hee hee

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