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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My favoite time of the year....

PROM!!!  Every mother's dream to see her only daughter all dressed in a beautiful gown, looking like a princess!  I love it!  Of course it had to rain that day though and ruin our plans of taking pictures at the river.  Erica's friends wanted to go to the Capital Plaza to take pictures.  It is a beautiful local hotel that is real ritzy and has a beautiful fountain.  Good idea, but no one knew they were having 3 conventions that weekend so the fountain was turned off and tables were everywhere!  Good thing we stopped at the Governor's garden in the rain to take some pictures or I wouldn't have gotten as many good ones!  The first two were at our house...our grass hadn't even turned green yet!UGH!  Erica went with her friend Michael.

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